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 It has been an honor to work with such brilliant women who are committed to taking massive action in their lives.  They dared to Soar Higher to create their own definition of happiness and success and now they are living a life that feels real, right and rewarding!

SharRon is a present day provocateur! She is a force that challenges common conventions and accepted ideas. Her gift of curiosity and passionate engagement strengthens the individual self and the collective body by evolving thoughts, practices and beliefs. Her talents are needed for a time such as this.

Janis Williams

Your ability to demonstrate real life examples helps individuals to see where their lives can GROW and produce the results that they desire. Your work affirms and challenges people to live their BEST lives. 

Priscilla Coleman

Her shared stories illustrate how coming from positions of pain and vulnerability, with honesty can open doors for success. She provides illustrative, real life examples of how we may dispel negativity and stick with the winners.

Nina Colman

SharRon Jamison has that rare combination of compassion and good sense. At every opportunity, she has proven time and again that when looking at problems pragmatically while staying true to ones core beliefs, there are few challenges that cannot be overcome.

Valerie Hall


SharRon holds a BA from Hampton University and a MBA from Nova Southeastern University; and is currently pursuing her Masters of Divinity degree at the Interdenominational Center in Atlanta, Georgia. She is a corporate leader in a Fortune 500 company and she currently serves as a minister at the Victory for the World Church in Stone Mountain, Ga.


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