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Proven Tips to choose better friends 

Learn the key ingredients to picking the right friends

Who Do You Need?

  • People Who Are Committed To Connection.

    It takes time, energy and people skills to cultivate relationships. People who are committed to learning about you and appreciating who you are without judging you usually make good friends.

  • People Who Are Growing.

    Do you have people in your life who are not growing? If people are not adding value to their own lives, they can NEVER add value to you.  Look for people who are investing in themselves by reading, learning, and expanding their minds and spirits.

  • People Who Are Self-Aware.

    People who know who they are, and who they are NOT are easier to work with, easier to like and most of all, easier to love. They know their worth, know their purpose and they know their strengths. They also know how to have healthy conversations with people who disagree with them and are different than they are. Look for people who are self-aware because they have the ability to add peace and joy to your life.


  • People Who Celebrate You.

    We all need cheerleaders and motivators. When you have people in your life who are really happy about your progress and success, you grow and bloom faster. 

You Deserve Healthy Relationships!

Your ability to develop and maintain healthy relationships will affect your income, impact and influence. You need friends to  BUILD WITH! You can't build the life that you desire ALONE!