Got the job. Got the degree. Got the title.  But no fulfillment.

Ready To Create The Life That You Wish For?

What Are You Wishing For?


Wishing for something that feels more right based on who you are today?


Wishing to get your mojo back?


Wishing for something that stimulates your mind and sparks your creativity? 

Wishing to do something more meaningful?

Wishing to know what your purpose is?

Wishing to live authentically and not feel trapped by external expectations and obligations?


Can you imagine if your wishes came true?

One of the best ways to make your dreams come true is to DEPEND ON YOU to pursue them.


If you want something, you don't have to wait. You don't have to settle. You don't have to feel guilty for wanting what you want. 


You don't have to follow outdated rules and be miserable. You don't have to stay in a job that bores you. You don't have to stay in a certain career just because you earned a college degree in a specific field.  You don't have to be "normal" when you know that you and your dreams are exceptional. You can do what feels right in your soul so that you achieve success on your own terms and in your own way.

​Yes, YOU can DEPEND ON YOU to make choices that honor you. And, you don't need permission or approval! You don't need to comply or conform. You don't need to constantly struggle or sacrifice.

You can make your dreams comes true.


To make YOUR life fun.

To pursue YOUR dreams.

To start that business.

To find true love.

To heal from the past.

To take that trip.

To leave that job.

To have great sex.

To make good choices.


Don't let another year go by doing what you hate to do. You have already invested too much of your life doing something that does NOT make you happy. It's time to make yourself a priority!

And, you CAN DO it! 

You can depend on YOU to create a life, a job, a relationship or a lifestyle that honors YOU!


That's why I know that YOU CAN DEPEND ON YOU can provide the blueprint to make 2020 YOUR  year of love, freedom and joy!

How "You Can Depend On You" Will Help YOU Live YOUR Dreams


In You Can Depend On YOU, you’re going to discover how to live your life in a way that makes your heart sing so you can  operate from a place of pure fulfillment and joy. You will walk away with complete clarity of what success truly means to you, so you’re no longer feel trapped by cultural expectations or external obligations. You will be able to depend on yourself to make new choices that align with your heart so you can make your dreams come true!

  • Leveraging Life Lessons

    Throughout our lives we have been taught and told what to believe about ourselves and others. Some of the messages support our growth. However, some of the lessons made us doubt our own voice and abandon and our dreams.  In "You Can Depend On You", you will learn to let go of social expectations so you can hear your own voice so that you can make choices that bring fulfillment and not confinement.

  • Wired to Win

    You have unique skills, gifts, talents, and insight that point to your purpose. When you are able to uncover and/or activate all the wonderful ways you can contribute to the world, you will fee free to make different decisions that align with who you are. You will identify exciting new possibilities for more success, more love, and more growth in ways that you never knew existed before. 

  • Spiritual Awareness

    You are a spiritual being.  When you discover what spiritual practices help you to hear your inner voice and accept ‘downloads, you will feel more empowered to make choices to follow your dreams. You will be able to tap into your own inner knowing and move toward your desires, even when your desires are not unpopular and distinct. 

  • Relationship Success

    Relationships are important to our growth and to our sense of community. Developing the right connections will allow you to totally express and experience who you are without judgement.  In "You Can Depend On You", you will learn a framework to help you identify what types of people are most able and equipped to support you as you evolve and grow. You will be able to identify what environments support your growth so that you can really bloom.

  • Inner Strength

    Our emotions affect what we do, see. think and say. In " You Can Depend On You", you will learn how to identify your emotions and your triggers so that you are not controlled by your past. You will discover how to identify your emotions and respond in a way that make you feel proud and peaceful.

  • Progress Paths

    Your success is inevitable. Learning how you function and what you need to succeed at your highest level will help you create the right structures and support systems for your success. In "You Can Depend On You", you will learn how to plan your life to position yourself for success. You will identify where you need to implement boundaries to protect your progress and your dreams.

What's Included:

Award Winning Book

You'll be given a digital copy of my award-winning book "I Can Depend On Me". This will help you grasp a deeper understanding of the course material.

Workbook Handout

The workbook will help you capture your thoughts while you self-pace through the program for a more efficient learning process.

Private Facebook Group

Community support is key when you are looking to make a change in your life. Our judgement-free zone will be there for you every step of the way.

Plus, BONUS Group Q&A Sessions

3  Q&A sessions will be held on Sundays to ensure that you have an opportunity to share your insights and get your questions answered. 


The "Get Unstuck" Masterclass to help you accelerate your progress. ($99 Value)



There are other surprise bonuses too.

All for a special Black Friday price of only:



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I have coached amazing people for more than 25 years. I understand the challenge of dealing with life’s trials and tribulations because I lived through many of them. My story is not about getting knocked down; it is a story about getting up again…


And what I also know for sure is that the better you understand, heal and learn from your deep hurts, hidden scars and invisible wounds, the more effectively you can create a life that supports and satisfies you.


That is why I am on this mission. I am inspired to share my path, and I am committed to supporting others as they navigate their own meandering course through this journey called life….


I am here to serve and support you, and you can start today.

I'm dedicated to my clients, students and those I serve. I've been blessed to experience life alongside these women and help them Dare to Soar to new heights in their lives!

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SharRon is a present day provocateur! She is a force that challenges common conventions and accepted ideas. Her gift of curiosity and passionate engagement strengthens the individual self and the collective body by evolving thoughts, practices and beliefs. Her talents are needed for a time such as this.

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Your ability to demonstrate real life examples helps individuals to see where their lives can GROW and produce the results that they desire. Your work affirms and challenges people to live their BEST lives. 

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Her shared stories illustrate how coming from positions of pain and vulnerability, with honesty can open doors for success. She provides illustrative, real life examples of how we may dispel negativity and stick with the winners.

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SharRon Jamison has that rare combination of compassion and good sense. At every opportunity, she has proven time and again that when looking at problems pragmatically while staying true to ones core beliefs, there are few challenges that cannot be overcome.

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